Many interactive design media companies
sell ‘prefab’ templated approaches that
they stretch to try to meet your needs.

But if you really want to stand out,
to rise above the noise
you need a unique approach…
not some variation on a prefabbed solution.

Let us design and build your project
for maximum effect.

Red Hill Studios is an evolving, dynamic collection of talented designers, artists, programmers, writers, and project managers. We strive to create media that matters and helps make the world a better place. We encourage team members to explore external projects (Kickstarter, etc.) and we have a flexible work management system that allows people to take unpaid leaves to pursue their passions.

Who We Are

Bob Hone

Bob Hone

Creative Director

Bob sparks the creative efforts at Red Hill.

Kevin Whitley

Kevin Whitley

Senior Programmer

Kevin drives the technical innovation and production efficiencies at Red Hill.

Jon Ballard

Jon Ballard

Senior Producer

Extensive product/project management experience producing digital content.

Jan Revis

Jan Revis


Jan specializes in sleek server software that creates the kind of magic that only servers can do.

Patrick McEvoy

Patrick McEvoy

Lead Artist/Animator

Patrick's artistic efforts amaze and inspire.

Barbara Bolls-Guillory

Barbara Bolls-Guillory

UI/UX Designer

Barbara designs engaging user experiences that combine crisp graphics and clear actions.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Sr. Designer/Engineer

Charlie builds innovative software solutions that often 're-define' what's possible.

Brian Tuohy

Brian Tuohy

Production Manager

Brian's enthusiasm provides the mojo that keeps everything moving forward.

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

Consulting Programmer

Brandon's eclectic mix of skills and passions helps shape Red Hill's culture .

If you want to be part of the marching band, hundred strong, strutting down the field, then there are plenty of companies looking for you to staff their ‘armies.’

If you would like to play with other musicians in a small jazz band, then we’re happy to talk to you.

Red Hill Development Approach


Goals and Needs Analysis

We work closely with your team to identify the specific needs, objectives, and measurable goals for your project. Who are you trying to reach? What kind of data do you want to collect to demonstrate effectiveness? Addressing these key questions up front helps focus the team on the mission ahead.


Comprehensive Design

We take a global view of your project, analyzing technological innovations that can be prototyped and revised, integrated content creation and updating systems that streamline production, adaptive learning systems that can customize educational experiences, and complex data tracking that can measure program efficacy. We know how to design and manage complex projects on multiple platforms – within a budget and on schedule.


Let the Ideas Fly!

New technology advances are empowering radically new types of interactive experiences. Our designers have an incredibly broad range of expertise – from physical interfaces for museums to gaming platforms and even Peabody-award winning videos. We enjoy collaborating with clients to find the most impressive, practical solution.


Rapid Prototyping

Dynamic interactive media should “feel good” when you use it on a tangible, visceral level. It should make sense and help you get smarter or better in some way. Rapid prototyping helps project teams quickly test ideas to find the best solutions.
It’s great to see the design ‘leap off the page’ when clever coding energizes the experience. Often, these rapid prototypes can be completed within 3-4 weeks of the start of the design phase.

Design Process

Design Process

Custom software development requires close collaboration among tight-knit teams of clients, subject matter experts, artists, programmers, engineers, and project managers. Red Hill has developed a suite of online design and development tools and templates that streamline the design process and carefully document the vision.


Media Production

Red Hill has produced more than one hundred complex interactive programs, which involve nearly every kind of media possible including responsive real-time 3D, beautiful pre-rendered 3D, stunning scientific visualizations, whimsical 2d cel animations, and crisp graphical presentations. We track production carefully to maximize output while minimizing costs.



Our collective team of client-side specialists, server-side programmers, and architectural engineers has the breadth and depth to select the most appropriate technical approach: Angular JS, Objective C, Python, Django, Grunt, Yeoman, Bootstrap, etc. We support accessible software design and open software consortia.


It’s Alive!

The alpha version is where is all comes together – where media and code perform an intricate dance to produce an engaging, rewarding experience. This ‘first rehearsal’ often reveals areas that need more attention or possibly revisions. We hold back part of the production project to support these ‘refinements’ that can make all the difference in the final product.


Testing (multiple platforms)

Interactive software runs on so many devices, in so many browsers, connecting to so many servers … that standard Beta testing doesn’t work anymore – you need to catch bugs earlier in the process. Red Hill executes unit testing of all core software components – which dramatically streamlines testing at the end of the process.


Release and Promotion

It’s not enough to build solid, innovative software. You need to let people know about your product. Red Hill’s experience promoting our own projects empowers us to help your promotional efforts.