Red Hill Studios, in collaboration with World View of Global Warming, created the iPad App Painting with Time: Climate Change, that lets you explore how the world around you changes over time.

  • Explore how glaciers have drastically retreated.
  • See how rising temperatures contribute to floods and droughts.
  • Examine the ways that climate change is disrupting the timing of natural events such as flower buds opening.


  • 17 time sequences showing visual impacts of climate change
  • Eight preset brushes and slicing patterns
  • Capturing Change step-by-step tutorial
  • About Climate Change multimedia summary

Distinguished climate scientists Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and Dr. Todd Sanford served as a scientific consultants on the project.

Gary Braasch, writer and photographer of the World View of Global Warming web site, photographed many of the image sets and led the image research for striking visual examples of how climate change is altering the planet.

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