Red Hill Studios - Painting With Time

The Painting with Time app lets time flow through your fingers. Make leaves magically appear on trees and then paint on the colors of fall. Reveal the colors of San Francisco over a day. Mix and merge different time views of a beach to create intriguing time composites.

Painting with Time provides a range of time brushes and special time slicers that let you manipulate photographic sequences in strange and unique new ways. Paint on a man’s beard and then take half of it away (which half is up to you). Paint on layers of time to watch a woman age over 60 years. Or carve up a block of ice to create a swan ice sculpture.


  • 14 carefully crafted time sequences of nature, art, and people
  • Painting Time manipulation mode
  • Slicing Time manipulation mode
  • Eight preset brushes and slicing patterns
  • “Mix and Merge” a variety of time views within composites

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